My name is Zoltán Hosszú

and these are the things that make me who I am today as a person and as a designer.

As a self-taught designer I have been working on websites and user interfaces for the past 10 years. Based in Budapest, in these years I worked with the biggest Hungarian creative agencies and with many small businesses as well. I’ve always thought of myself as a creator.



Started teaching design

2017 October

The online design community is known for being open and helpful towards beginners. As a designer I always wanted to try my hands on teaching young people about design, so when Hellodesign reached out I immediately said yes. So I'm teaching now 🎉!


Ustream became IBM Cloud Video

2017 April

After the IBM acquisition in January of 2016, the Budapest office of Ustream officially became part of IBM Cloud Video in April of 2017. IBM sounds boring? Think again!



Joined the Ustream team

2016 September

As a part of a 9 person design team I get to work on projects for Ustream and IBM as well.


Released MoveRite

2016 August

MoveRite is an iOS application for weight training. Together with my father we aim to help beginners learn the most important exercises thus preventing injuries.


I became a dad!!

2016 July

Our daughter Alíz was born on the 22nd of July. ♥



Released Ravioli

2015 November

Ravioli is a simple menu bar application that lets you quickly upload and share images with a short link. It's free and has no upload limits.


Joined the SSP team

2015 May

Secret Sauce Partners is a small startup, working on revolutionizing the fashion e-commerce business. I was invited to help them with UI and UX design, so decided to join their awesome team in 2015 May.


Released the new GAget for OS X

2015 March

After 4 months of learning Swift, the new version of GAget for OS X was ready to be released. I published an article on Medium about the ups and downs of learning a new programming language and releasing an app as a designer.



Started learning Swift

2014 October

With the release of Yosemite I wanted to give Swift a try as I was always interested in coding.


Redesigned my website

2014 January

I got really tired of the skeuomorphic style of my previous portfolio, so in 2014 I decided to redesign zoltan.co and start a blog powered by Tumblr.



Talked about “GAget for iPhone” at App! 2013 conference by hwsw

2013 November

I was invited to talk about the design and development challanges of creating GAget for iPhone. You can listen to my 15 minute talk here in Hungarian.


Released GAget for iPhone

2013 October

2 years and 60 thousand downloads after the release of GAget for Mac OS X it was time to get the iPhone version into the hands of the public so with András Holló in 2013 october we released GAget for iPhone.


Graduated from BME (Bute)

2013 July

While working full time at Arkon, I found some time to finish my thesis on social media marketing and graduate as an Engineering Manager from the biggest technical university of Hungary..


Founded the Arkon Design team

2013 February

The company structure at Arkon for people working in a design-related field was kind of a headache, we had no clear company hierarchy, so with the help of the management and HR, Balázs Dömsödi and I started the self-managed Design team at Arkon.



Talked about “Designing mobile interfaces as a web designer” at App! 2012 by HWSW

2012 November

I had the chance to talk about designing for mobile based on my experience as a web designer.


Got married! yay!

2012 July

After 5 years of falling in love and 2 years of being engaged I got married to the loveliest woman in my life, Ágota. And Cyprus turned out to be an awesome honeymoon destination! :)


Köpönyeg for iPhone released

2012 July

The first iPhone application I worked on got released after a couple of months of making hard design decisions, development and user testing.



Joined the Arkon team

2011 November

After years of freelancing I decided to join the awesome team behind ingatlan.com, the biggest Hungarian real estate portal and Köpönyeg, a popular weather portal.


Released GAget for Mac OS X

2011 August

The Dashboard of OS X doesn't get much love from Apple and developers, but I believe it could be really useful if there were great widgets for it. That's why I developed GAget for Mac OS X, a Google Analytics widget for quick and easy access to the most important data of your GA account.


Redesigned my portfolio

2011 February

The skeuomorphism was really booming in 2011 so I was not going to be the one left out. A digitally drawn room, bookshelf on the wall, a drawing of myself, wooden buttons and flickering lamp lights were all essential parts of this fully skeuomorphic design. :)



Worked with Webness

2010 March

Worked on a couple of projects with Webness, a small Hungarian start-up company.


Created Beatific template

2010 February

Designed, coded and started selling my first HTML/Wordpress template ever, Beatific.


Worked with ÉnFotósom

2007 - 2010

Worked on lots of projects for ÉnFotósom, a small Hungarian company specialized in photography, print and web design.



Worked with GotFrag

2006 - 2008

Worked as an off-site designer for the California based eSports website GotFrag for two years.



Graduated from Piarista Gimnázium, Kecskemét

2000 - 2004

With the best classmates ever, I graduated in the class of 2004.



Launched my first website

Somewhere in 2000

I was always interested in the web so after borrowing a book from the library about HTML, I launched my first website, called 'Zolee Site Millenium'. The name seemed appropriate in 2000. :)



Came into this world

1985 September

I was born in Budapest, as the first child of a small, but loving family.