Learning Swift

A couple of useful links collected while learning to code Swift by Zoltán Hosszú.

Apple documentation You should start here. rm2kdev - YouTube Short videos about things in Swift. If you want to watch something instead of reading the basics, this is your place. A swift introduction to Swift Great slides about the basics of Swift. You might need some programming experience to understand them though without the speaker. Swift Tutorial – Developing iOS 8 Apps Part 1 Jameson Quave's great tutorial. This is what I started with after reading the documentation. Learn Swift This site has a lot of basic, intermediate, and advanced tutorials. Swift Standard Library Documented and undocumented built-in functions in the Swift standard library – the complete list with all 74 functions. Santosh Rajan — Medium This guy has some great articles about Swift. We ♥ Swift They love Swift, what else can I say? :) Cocoa Drawing Guide: Paths Although most examples here are in Objective-C, while you reach this point, this should be no problem. NSDateFormatter A little help for the NSDateFormatter class. This will be extremely useful when you're working with dates. NSNotification & NSNotificationCenter - NSHipster A very important part of communication method between your classes. Objective c - Understanding dispatch_async - Stack Overflow When struggling with multi-threaded processes, you will definitely need to understand how dispatch_async works. Swift ListerTodayOSX TodayViewController.swift A sample Today extension code from Apple. You can learn how they want you to use the default functions. Create the Game of Life using Swift and SpriteKit An advanced tutorial on making the Game of Life in Swift.